Humus Production:

BIOHUMUS or VERMICOMPOST is an unique organic manure obtained using the technology borrowed from the Nature being the result of organic material processing by the Californian Worm. The product is rich in balanced and easy to assimilate ferments, nutrients and micro flora, used for plenty of lands and for all field and cultivated crops. BIOHUMUS is able to keep up to 70% of water in lands. The efficiency of BIOHUMUS is 15-20 times as much of any other organic manure. Comparing with the dung it has 10-11 times as much of assailable potassium; 7 times as much of phosphorus; half as much of magnesium and calcium; close to neutral acidity more favourite for plants.

The advantages of BIOHUMUS applying over the dung and chemical fertilizers are obvious. It is practically impossible to use on a large scale the organic manure (basically dung) because of the high cost of its transferring and applying. Besides that after the dung applying it the active growth of weeds that are an integral part of dung is to be expected. Consequently it involves the herbicides applying and active agro-technology combating that requires additional expenditures.

For that reason, applying BIOHUMUS you can improve your productions from 20 to 70% for different products. There are some different experiences with BIOHUMUS in different vegetables, showing that the production (KG/Ha) is higher compared with chemical fertilizers. See below a small table with this comparative:

Be aware also that BIOHUMUS restores lands that have been polluted using different kinds of pesticides and, the products that we obtain using BIOHUMUS are ecologically pure.

Chemical fertilizers do not restore lands structure and fertility but pollute with the unhealthy elements. As a rule, the products from such fields are over saturated with the nitrates and nitrites, so their use value is not high. In those conditions the modern scientific and practice biology sees the solution to this problem in the BIOCONVERSION as one of the most prospective directions of the agriculture further development. By this method the dung and other organic manure are processed into the BIOHUMUS that has no alternative in the fertilizing. In this way, BIOHUMUS restores the impoverished land fertility owning to the specific and qualitative wealth of its micro flora that is 100 times as rich of the micro flora of dung or other organic manure.