In DISHUMUS our main product is our "Worms Humus", "Vermicompost" o simply "Biohumus", wich is a natural and ecological product. It is also the main fertilizer used and recommended by all agro-ecology farmers for ecological productions. These farmers are our main customers.

We commercialize our Vermicompost with different formats, 5 and 50 litres bags and also 500 kg big-bags. If you are interested in our product and want to know prices, please, contact us in our phone number +34 617 321 885 or e-mail address

Our Humus of worm, DISHUMUS, is an organic fertilizer bio regular and land characteristics corrector, also don't generate fermentation or rot processes. Its high solubility, due to their bacterial composition guarantees a rapid assimilation for the plants roots. Humus of worm is of blackish colour granulated, odourless, without land or glass impurities, homogeneously with a high percentage of humid and fulvics acids, acid acetic indol and acid gibelerico, excellent stimulants for the vital functions of the plants. The Humus of worm attacks the ferric clorosis, improve the resistance to the frosts and favours the creation of microrrizas. Having a neutral PH it does not generate dosification problems.

The Vermicompost composition is shown in the table below. It is important to remark that our Vermicompost production system is done by worms and it's not industrial, for that reason, the composition can have some variations, but always between their tolerance limits.